561: Twelve Minute Convos w/ Dr. Mary Jo Odom-Dull

Mary Jo Odom-Dull is the CEO and founder of Vesicle Learning Inc., and CEO of Tower of Grace and Compassion. Chairwoman and Chief Training Officer of the Organization for Abused and Battered Individuals (O.A.B.I.), located in Trinidad and Tobago. In addition, she is the Chairwoman for the V.A.S.C.O center.

Creator of the first multicultural learning theory, Dr. Odom-Dull’s V.E.S.I.C.L.E (Valuing Ethno-Cultural Strategies which Includes Learning Enhancements) learning approach theory has opened doors to learning within multicultural learning environments. As a strategic visionary, whose distinguished efforts also focuses in the areas of education, human performance and quality improvement, Dr. Odom-Dull’s various accomplishments in businesses can be seen as she is renowned for turning around failing multi-million dollar corporations. In addition, she is a Wisconsin Forward Quality Award Examiner, Peer Reviewer for Universities such as John Hopkins University and others, and this is part of her commitment to life-long learning. As a Subject Matter Expert and Business Consultant, she continues to promote quality improvement. Furthermore, she is an author, and has written many journal articles, a notable quality improvement and motivational speaker; she sits on several organizations Boards of Directors and hosted the Tower of Grace and Compassion global radio show. A University professor recognized and awarded in the areas of business, education, and volunteerism. Awarded as a Woman in History Making a Societal Difference and International Woman in Leadership. As a pioneer, Dr. Odom-Dull continues to make strides in business and humanitarian accomplishments.


A PhD in Training and Performance Improvement with specialization in Globalization, Post-Doctoral Certification and work from Northwestern University in Professional Program Development and Grant Communication, additional Post-Doctoral Certifications in Counseling, Biblical Studies and Global Studies. Master’s in Education, Graduate Certifications in Leadership, Human Resource Management and Diversity Studies, BSBA in Business Management and BSBA in Human Resource Management are just a few of her educational accomplishments, in addition, she is a Six Sigma Black and Lean/DFSS Belt, certification in Children Stories Writing, and over 23 certifications from the Department of Justice related to victims of violence, trafficking and abuse.


Fascinated and passionate about serving others and recognized as a humanitarian, the daily asked and answered question of her life is: “What role can I play in contributing to the greatness of this individual?”  Dr. Odom-Dull states, “I am grateful that God still allows me the opportunity to serve. I am a work in progress and the Master Potter is still molding and fixing me. I am working towards running the race assigned to me and my most challenging goals which includes, always putting God first, in everything give thanks, always being a light with a message of hope and staying humble despite achievements. God has blessed me and His unfailing love for me never ceases to amaze me”. A mother of two sons, her hobbies includes watching old movies, traveling and fashion designing.

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