589: Twelve Minute Convos w/ Emily King

I’m a wealth and abundance coach with a MBA who’s become obsessed with and mastered the ability to manifest abundance.

I help women claim their worth, start making the money they deserve and create more wealth in their life than they ever thought possible.

I truly believe we are meant to “have it all” in this lifetime.This world is a beautiful abundant place, and I refuse to believe that you deserve any less than what you truly desire.

But I didn’t always think this way.

Just five short years ago I couldn’t afford to move out of my parents house. I had $20,000 of student debt nagging at me, no job, ZERO savings in the bank and I was literally crying myself to sleep every night thinking “there has to be more to life than just this”.

I dreamed of travelling the world, having financial freedom, having an amazing fulfilling job, a vacation home down south…the list goes on.

Unfortunately, I had NO IDEA how to get there.

My turning point came when I realized I had enough. Life was meant for so much more, and I was no longer willing to settle for what was given to me.


So what happened?!


I made the decision to take a leap of faith and invest in myself and in a coach.


I made the leap before I felt “ready”.


I listened to my heart, and let me tell you this…I’ve never looked back.


From there, I started to make my dreams happen.


I started listening to what my soul wanted and despite not having all the answers, and not knowing all the “hows”, I believed and went for it anyway.


I changed my lack stories, I changed my negative mindset, and opened my eyes to this beautiful world we live in and began claiming my piece of it! 


That one, tiny decision to invest in myself has led me to a life with more abundance than I could have ever imagined! 


What does that look like?


  • I went from over $20,000 in debt to over $100,000 in savings within 2 years!

– I married my best friend – a man I love dearly that makes me laugh and smile every single day.

– I no longer stress about my finances (financial freedom is pretty awesome!)

– I am surrounded by the most incredible, loving and inspiring people.


And best of all, I feel authentically happy and know that I have a purpose in this world! 

About the author

Engel Jones

Engel was born and raised on the twin island republic of Trinidad and Tobago. He is the podcast host of  "Twelve Minute Convos w/ Engel Jones", an Entrepreneur and Life Coach. His passion and purpose is to help you the Entrepreneur find Y.O.U.R.S-Your Own Unique Real Self. After having 1001 conversations in 3 months he uncovered Y.O.U.R.S, a tool used to reconnect you to the hidden passion and purpose which are essential to creating a brand of Y.O.U.R.S. Engel believes and lives the principle of Zig Ziglar where you can have everything in life if you help enough other people get what they want.